House Spider with her 'Grapes'


Trying to shoot 'macros' (or 'micros') after my wife lend her Tamron SP90 macro lens to me.
I was always fascinated with 'macro shots' and to be honest, this photography 'genre' is the actual reason why I really want to have 'photography' as my hobby.

This is a common house spider. I didn't know it was 'carrying' its eggs. I was going to kill it because my house is always full of spiderwebs. But then I remembered about the SP90 and minutes later I was down the floor, trying my best to get the best shot of this beauty. 

Nikon D90, 1/100, f/16, ISO-100, FL: 90mm + Raynox DCR250 diopter macro lens adaptor , 45% crop
100 % crop of the first image
If you have tips on how to shoot better macros, be free to share. Thanks in advance :)

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