Hibiscus Stamen with Raynox DCR-250


It has been a while since I last get on hold of my old camera; as it was with my younger brother most of the time. I entrusted my Canon 450D to him to make sure I get the full potential of my latest Nikon D90 (bought in March last year). Due to lack of budget, I can't buy my self a decent Nikkor zoom lens yet for my camera. That’s why I still need my old camera.

When I first bought the Canon 450D, I also bought the Canon 'budget' zoom lens which is the 55-250mm. That lens is by far the perfect one to be 'combined' with the Raynox DCR-250 to get extreme close-up if not already mimic a dedicated macro lens capability.    
I don’t have insects to ‘shoot’ at but I have plenty of flowers to get the same ‘macro shooting enthusiasm’.
I bring to you, the “Hibiscus Stamen series”

Comments & critics are welcomed.


silver said...

perghhhhh nampak bulu2 nia....

merah tu mmg deep ka bro?

cicak said...

Merah tu siurang edit kasi up mirah tu.

Anonymous said...