At Saiful Nang's 2nd Seminar in KK Sept 2011


Saiful Nang's 2nd Seminar in Kota Kinabalu titled "Lihat Cara SN, Shoot Cara SN & Edit Cara SN" (see, shoot and edit the Saiful Nang way) was successfully held yesterday at the Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu.
Saiful Nang is my sifu and friend so I wouldn't miss a chance to see him again if he's in Sabah.

The seminar was superb. I got to meet my friends who share the same passion and hobby. Plus, I made new friends too. I was also thrilled to see my picture in big print thanks to Su Chung of 

It's funny to think about the fact that most people *thought* that they're better off learning everything by themselves and then gets arrogant with it. I knew some people who looks down on others only because they know a little better than everybody else (or at least they thought that they know better than everybody else). 

   You can never, I mean, NEVER can BEAT lessons that came from a teacher. That's why, learning something by listening to somebody else's EXPERIENCE is a lot better than learning at your own. Well that depends on how enthusiast you are with what you are learning, though. 

  I want to express my grattitude to everyone that has been with me through all these years (has it been 'years'? LOL) of enjoying my hobby; photography. 
Special thanks to my friends in JPNC, the TPG and every beautiful soul out there. 

P.S: Point to Ponder, hobbyists are making 'the art of photography' to be taken lightly. Remember, there are 'full time photographers' out there who feed their family with 'photography money'. Think about that before you accept 'photography jobs' with 'little pay'. (I'll reserve this topic for another post)


silver said...

siuk plak sana kan aktip

cicak said...

Sana pun ada tu buss. Akan datang. Tapi Tawau / Sandakan la.

silver said...

do kastau sa arr kalo ko ada info awal... ble jgak aku istenbai