DIY 'Pringles Can' diffuser

Greetings & Salam,

At last, I find an opportunity to buy a Pringles (it was not the actual Pringles but something that mimics its cylinder can) and make a DIY 'pringles can' diffuser.

A photo enthusiast friend recommends me to build one. A super simple one just like this picture here (credits to Petapixel)

This diffuser is for the internal body flash of the camera. My SB-600's monitor is broken and I can't read anything on its monitor. Maybe I'll try and make other DIY diffusers for external flash in the future.

I know it's hideous. LOL

So this is the result. The first picture is the original photo, cropped without any adjustments whatsoever while the second one has some minor adjustments with its shadows and highlights. In other words, the second one is the 'post processed' image.

What do you think? Not bad for 'internal flash' eh?

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